Remote control - Gaia

Gaia is a hardware and software integrated system designed and built by Genera to remotely control and manage renewable energies power stations. 

Gaia system uses a proprietary acquisition and control hardware installed on the plant for reading data and check performances in real time. 

When installed on a photovoltaic power station, the acquisition hardware can read inverters data, strings parameters, environment sensors data and energy meters registers. Moreover, it can calculate the energy return of the photovoltaic system: in other words the kWh produced for every kWp. Data are available online for real time consultation. 

The system can detect anomalies of any monitored component or low performances situation and send email alarm messages to Genera control room or to the final user.

Gaia hardware installed on power station is constantly connected to the central elaboration and control server. Data are available in real time and are stored in the database to be always available: interesting variables are stored on timelines and can be interpreted from the user interface represented by a restricted access web portal [] 

Final user can check real system data, monitor the situation and read historical data available on daily, weekly and monthly based dynamic charts. 

Thanks to a quick and easy graphic interface, he can also check all updated data about the plant production, energy measurement data, etc. 

Genera control room monitors all Gaia systems, studying all complex data, checking production efficiency and correcting anomalies for the proper functioning of the system. In case of production malfunctioning, it can detect them in real time and fix it immediately. 

GaiaLog WebSite is fully compatible with the most common portable devices, making possible for end-user to control and monitor his own plant on the go. 



open and scalable system 

plant hardware indipendent 

perfect integration with "Gaia" network infrastructure 

energy meter data acquisition 

easy integration with maintenance systems and performance monitoring systems