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   We collect and process the information both electronically and by paper in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Code for the protection of personal data) and with Enclosure B Technical Regulations enclosed with the Code for the protection of personal data.

   Genera S.p.A. will process the information you have supplied us for the following purposes:  1) Communication strictly related to the request for information you are about to make.  You are not obliged to consent to your personal data being processed by Genera S.p.A.

   The absence of consent will have no effect, except we will not be able to inform you of the above-mentioned initiatives and hence of achieving the purposes we previously indicated.

   The data shall not be spread nor sold to third parties.  Please indicate your consent to your data being processed by Genera S.p.A. and to the communication mentioned above according to the indicated terms and limitations

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