The Biomass is organic material both vegetable and animal (wood, agricultural and forest waste, food industry wastes, weeds, city garbage etc…) that is used directly as fuel for the production of energy or transformed in Biogas, which also can be used as fuel.
The use of the material gives us an important advantage: an incredible reduction of the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere, far more less emission than petroliferous fuel  (methane gas, and ADO-Automotive Diesel Oil). The Biomass, in fact has a so called “closed “cycle of the CO2, as an example, when burning, we emit a quantity of CO2 equal to the quantity absorbed by the plants during their life cycle. In the field of the biomass, the company offers its self as EPC of plants of different sizes thanks also to the partnership with international companies.

In coherence with its approach Genera, has personalized solutions so we are able to satisfy all our costumers needs. The Company will be the single interlocutor and is able to deliver a plant “turn-key” solution in a few months after the signing of the contract. The important innovation the Genera brings to this field and thanks to the company’s important know-how (experiences and engineering know-how) the small size plant. The company has developed an innovative CHP (cogeneration heat and power) system based on EFMGT (external fired micro gas turbine) technology from solid biomass combustion: BIOBOX


-Possibility to personalize the plant according to the thermal needs of our client

-High electrical efficiency and low thermal consumptions

-Study possibilities of integrated systems among various renewable sources

-Short realization time