Aeolian systems

Genera is specialized in the selecting and evaluating the site and the future product to guarantee and the maximum efficiency of the plant and a secure and rapid return on investment.

Genera has acquired a particular competence in the mini-Aeolians (up to .60 kW) and all the phases of EPC are guaranteed starting from the windmill characteristics with sensing campaign, to the project and supply of the plant guaranteeing  the efficiency in time and assuring the client with technical/maintenance service. Furthermore the company has activated an important study with the university with the scope to optimize the technical /standard parameters of the product and enhance the extended use of the micro generation with very interesting economical results.


- services personalized according to the costumers needs. 

- one single interlocutor taking care of all your needs

- High standards guarantee throughout time

-study possibilities of integrated systems among various renewable sources